( 3-in-1) MagSafe, Kickstand & Card Holder iPhone Case

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MagSafe Magnetic Wallet for iPhone RFID Signal Blocker

If you are looking for a convenient and modern way to carry your cards and cash, this mini magnetic wallet is the perfect solution for you! It is compatible with MagSafe technology, so you can use it with modern iPhone models that have this feature built in.


This practical wallet holds up to 3 cards or e.g. banknotes with a thickness equal to three cards when folded. Inside, it was covered with a special material that blocks the RFID signal, thanks to which your card data is safe and will not be stolen by a thief with a reader.

A convenient strap hidden inside allows you to easily and quickly pull out the contents of the wallet, and the artificial leather makes it durable and elegant. By using this MagSafe mini magnetic wallet, you can be sure that your cards and cash are safe and always at hand.

The RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) blocking function is a special material that has been used inside the wallet. Its task is to block the RFID signal emitted by proximity cards, such as credit cards, ATM cards, identification cards, etc. Thanks to this, data from the card are not visible to RFID readers and cannot be stolen. This is especially important nowadays, when more and more people use contactless cards and there is a risk that data from them can be stolen using RFID readers. By using a case with an RFID blocking function, you can be sure that your data is safe and will not be stolen.

Best Features:
  • Compatibility with MagSafe - thanks to this feature, the case is compatible with modern iPhone models with built-in MagSafe technology. This allows you to securely and conveniently attach the case to the phone using magnets.

  • Capacity for 3 cards - the case allows you to carry up to 3 cards or banknotes with a thickness corresponding to three cards. It is a convenient solution for people who do not want to carry a large wallet with them.

  • RFID protection - equipped with a special material that blocks the RFID signal, the case ensures the security of card data against theft by readers. 

  • Vertical Stand - allows you to easily and quickly charge your phone. 

  • Made of Premium leather - gives durability and elegant appearance of the case.


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