Joy-Lights™ LED Strip Light

(Waterproof RGB 5050 LED)

Easy Installation and Use

Get Yours Now Before It's Too Late!

I Don't' Know How Big my Room is, What Should I Get?

"The average bedroom size in the US is 11ft by 12ft and our 15M (49.2ft) is perfect for covering your walls! You should also make sure to measure your room just in case!"

you can use star galaxy light projector anywhere you like, room, living room, kitchen, ball room, bedroom,


  • 300 color options

  • Waterproof RGB 5050 LED

  • Low power consumption

  • Long life span 50,000+ hours

  • Easy Installation and Use

  • 1x IR Remote Controller + Battery

  • Adjustable brightness

  • Flexible ribbon for curving around bends

Find the perfect color option that matches your mood!

Transform your living spaces into unique pieces of functional art. 

Give your room the great vibe it needs! Brighten up your room by installing our LED Light Strip! Allowing you to choose from 300 color options which will match any mood. Take control of the colors! 

you can use star galaxy light projector anywhere you like, room, living room, kitchen, ball room, bedroom,

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Length Should I Order?

Planning to light up your room? We recommend 49.2 - 65.6 FT to cover a normal sized room! This would cover all 4 walls, make sure to measure your room so you are certain on how many you’ll need.

Want to light up anything else? At minimum we recommend 16.4 FT for each area you’d like to light up, such as your TV, desk or bed. Light up your gaming setup? 32.8 - 49.2 FT will be sure to cover your whole setup.

Can the Joy-Lights™ LED Strip Light, project different colors? YES!

Yes, you are able to choose up to 300 color options with a press of a button from the remote.

Can I use them outdoor? YES!

Yes, you can use them outdoor and indoor, they are waterproof.

Do you still ship during the COVID-19 regulations? YES!

Our shipping services remain open despite the COVID-19 outbreak and regulations.

Is it durable? YES!

Joy-Lights™ LED Strip Lights are high quality, safe and very durable.

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(49.2 FT) LED Strip Lights

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(49.2 FT) Joy-Lights™ LED Strip Light




(32.8 FT) LED Strip Lights

(32.8 FT) Joy-Lights™ LED Strip Light


Perfect addition to any room that will really make it pop!

Why Choose Our Product?

Our Joy-Lights™ Projector 

  • Up to 300 color options.

  • Waterproof RGB 5050 LED

  • Adjustable Brightness

  • Remote Control with timer option that is 

    more energy-efficient.

  • Free Shipping!

Other Brands

  • Single / up to 3 color options only. 

  • Without waterproof RGB 2853 LED

  • Only 1 Level of Brightness

  • Without Remote or no battery included
  • Remote Control without timer function


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