(32.8 FT) Joy-Lights™ LED Strip Light

$39.98 $90

Give Life to your Room and Vibe out with the Joy-Lights™ LED Strip Light!

Transform your living spaces into unique pieces of functional art. 

Give your room the great vibe it needs! Brighten up your room by installing our LED Light Strip! Allowing you to choose from 300 color options which will match any mood.

Control your LED lights from anywhere in your room using our 44 button remote to quickly change between modes, colors, and settings however you like.

Which Length Should I Order?

Planning to light up your room? We recommend 3-4 strips to cover a normal sized room! This would cover all 4 walls, make sure to measure your room so you are certain on how many you’ll need.

Want to light up anything else? At minimum we recommend 1 strip for each area you’d like to light up, such as your TV, desk or bed.

Light up your gaming setup? 2-3 strips will be sure to cover your whole setup.




Take control of the colors! Find the perfect color option that matches your mood.

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