(3 Pack) Plant Grow Lights For Indoor

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This is a newer style indoor grow light for plants that has several of useful key features that help your plants grow through every stage. It has a simple and sleek appearance that wraps around a full spectrum design. You’ll find two color coded buttons that allow you to pick the stage your plants are at. Once you do, the light will put out the correct amount of power to ensure strong growth. 

  • Full Spectrum LEDs With 20W/30W/40W 40/60/80pcs LEDs, upgraded full-spectrum plant grow lamp can cover all wavelength of light needed by plant growth. Full spectrum are the most important rays that directly affect chlorophyll synthesis and promote the photosynthesis of plants which contribute to plant germination, flowering and results. 
  • This LED plant grow lamp have 315 LEDs, which can emit all wavelengths of 380-800 nm like natural sunlight.It is brighter than other red&blue grow light, light and heat can be fully absorbed by plants, high performance and high efficiency make your plants grow faster and healthier, promote photosynthesis and increase growth rate. Grow light is suitable for all stages of indoor plant growth.Pls keep at least 30CM distance from your plants.
  • 3 Lighting Mode & 10 Dimmable Levels - The upgraded timing system is more suitable for the plants. You can easily set the LED grow light off automatically after 3 hours/6 hours/12 hours. It has three lighting modes and 10 levels of adjustable brightness dimmable modes to choose to suit varied stages of plant, so you can set the most suitable light for plants according to different environment.  According to the growth of plants,5 brightness of grow lamps in the range of 0-100% can be adjusted. Plant growth lights provide 3 lighting modes. You can turn each arm on / off individually and change the light intensity as needed.
  • Led grow light with 4 switch modes and 5 dimmable options ranging from 10% to 100%, which effectively supplemented the lack of natural sunlight.
  • Flexible Adjustable Long Lamp - The upgraded fixed 3-head grow light has a strong clip that can be stably and arbitrarily clamped on anywhere. 360°flexible gooseneck with clip that can easily adjust the angle and distance, which enlarge the illumination area and provided more efficient lighting for more plants.Great option for indoor garden enthusiasts for high quality and good harvest.You can use it in anywhere indoor you want, such as bedroom, living room, study, private garden.
  • Upgraded Version Dual Tube LED - Unlike general grow light on the current market, the upgraded version is equipped with plug instead of USB connector. LED dual grow LED light has the feature of lower power consumption, lower heat, long service life and high luminous efficiency.Apply to indoor plants seedlings hydroponics greenhouse garden home and office.
  • Widely use this grow lamp satisfies plant germination, growth, flowering and results entire process of light energy needs, suitable for indoor plants or indoor gardens such as balconies, greenhouses, darkroom, office and so on.


  • Supports every growing stage
  • Runs slightly cooler than other models
  • Full spectrum design Dimmer switch installed

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