S925 Clover Leaf Moissanite Pendant Necklace

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The four-leaf clover has always been a symbol of good luck in the Western world. The chances of discovering a four-leaf clover upon your travels are 1:100; therefore, this rare sighting is, in fact, lucky. According to legend, the four-leaf clover represents love, luck, hope, and faith. We are smitten with this new good luck token and are excited to welcome it to our jewelry box. 

The four leaf clover necklace is in silver, with three parts, the chain, Moissanite Pendant, and the attachment between the chain and necklace.

This is not a just simple sterling silver four leaf clover diamond pendant necklace, it is a 4 clover, and also, he is also windmill for the half side inserted leaf part.

Deep Meaning and Beautiful Symbol

The four leaf clover comes from humble beginnings. Legend has it that Adam and Eve picked four-leaf clovers as they left the Garden of Eden to remind them of their love for each other. This Four Leaf Clover is a symbol of good luck and the love of your life. Each stunning leaf represents faith, hope, love and luck.

This Heart Clover Necklace is unique and heartfelt! Wear it when you're in need of a little bit of luck, or simply because it's pretty darn cute!

Stylish and Fashionable

Our Heart Clover necklace is perfect for an understated, elegant touch with a little bit of luck. Made with a delicate chain and a subtle heart shaped clover charm, this necklace is just the right amount of sparkle. It is a simple and elegant addition to every wardrobe. This lovely piece can be paired with almost any outfits to add elegance and subtle shine.

Unique and Innovative Design

The pendant features an extendable heart design that can also be folded down to create a clover shape. It's perfect for girls who love both heart and clover shapes. The change takes no more than one second! Synonymous with love and luck, let this stunning piece unlock the secrets to your inner sentiment.

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