Luxury Ambient Vibe Lights - 6M Long (Multi-color APP Control)

$64.99 $140

Instant Ambient Vibe Changer!

Ambient Lights bring instant luxury touch to your ride, because every ride is special.


  • Music Synchro
  • Multi-Colors
  • Super Easy Installation

Music Synchro

It's App not only allows you to control colors, you can enjoy the lights dancing with music beats. Now, its YOUR color and YOUR playlist


It's App mode helps you choose from 16 Million color shades, almost every color you could think of! Art it, Keep it, Groove it'

 Super Easy Installation

All you have to do is wedge the flat part directly into a crevice or narrow opening into the dashboard, to avoid 3M tapes and screws. Just PUSH, PLUG, PLAY.



      Multi-Color, Music-Synchro & App Control features are available only - 6M Long

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