Multifunctional Keychain Rechargeable Flashlight + Cigarette Lighter + Screwdriver for Camping

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The portable pocket flashlight with keychain, cigarette lighter, folding stand, bottle opener and magnet holder.  

 The 180° foldable handle allows the lamp to be positioned at different angles or hung in certain places and the magnet base allows the lamp to attach to any metal. 

1. Little Sun At Night: Simulate the warm light of the sun, simulate the real sunlight, and greatly weaken animal light at night. Red light warning light: red light is often bright or flickering danger warning.
2. Multi -function: Upgrade the three -color lighting core/bottle opening/cigarette lighter/cutting knife/strong magnetic/survival whistle/pen clip/light and small.
3. Three Types Of Light Source Lighting: Multiple gears adjustment, large area of light irradiation, no longer dark at night, mini small and convenient: only 70g weight, easy to carry.
4. Built -in Large -Capacity Batteries: Meet long -term lighting, continue to endurance, always accompany you.
5. Waterproofing: Even rainy days, you can't stop your pace.  Waterproof sealing ring and circuit insulation design.



1. Spring lock hook design: can be hung on the backpack, the belt buckle, easy to carry.
2. Pen pinch design: It can be sandwiched on clothes pocket belts, backpacks and other items.
3. LED power display, real -time grasp of the power: the power display, the embarrassment of the rejection suddenly without power.
4. Configure strong magnetic adsorption: magnetic fixed lighting, lock fixed lighting.
5. Configure multi -function wrench: emergency wrench and small nuts supporting a variety of sizes.
6, aluminum alloy bottle opening, deformation of thick material: thick metal material, practical non -deformation.
7, hidden whistle mouth, small volume and large volume: blowing the whistle, the sound spread is far away.
8, the back of the cigarette on the back, safe and not hot: Long press the opening to open the cigarette lighter function.
9. Select the bracket on the back and free adjustment angle: the angle is arbitrarily rotated and the card position is firm.
10. Configure the screwdriver and use it at any time: magnetic design, not easy to get out.

This mini flashlight has strong magnet base. The magnet design allows the lamp to attach to any metal, and 180° foldable handle allows the lamp to be positioned at different angles or hung in certain places. This is not only a Lighting or screwdriver, but also a fire making tools, with sheet fan-shaped tungsten wire, easy to make a fire, very convenient for outdoor camping and hiking or other scenes.

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