Smart Emergency LED Charging Bulb  

"We live in a rural area and our electric goes out with almost every storm coming through. It could be 2 hours or 36 hours before work crews can get us back online, you just never know. These Emergency LED Lights are in many lamps and ceiling lights at our house now and sure save us stumbling around in the dark. Worth every penny they cost."

- Brittany Thovsen
Keeps You Prepared For Any Power Outage! 
Multi-Purpose Light bulb with 3 ways to light up. It's more than a normal blub!
iPhone Cases
Outdoor Lights
Indoor Lights

Limited Edition

Providing features that combine functionality with style. Sure to make a bold statement on any bare space in your abode plus it functions as a lamp and wireless charger at the same time!
  • Qi wireless phone charger
  • Beautiful Gold Plated Finishing
  • Smooth touch controls to adjust brightness

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HD Transparent iPhone Case With Camera Protector

  • All-Around Protection
  • Upgraded
  •  Anti-Stain Technology

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